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Statement of Organization

Established by Chapter 93 of the North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS), the North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners ("the Board") is an occupational licensing board that grants certificates of qualification as certified public accountants (CPAs) to those individuals who meet the statutory requirements. The Board also adopts and enforces the Rules of Professional Ethics and Conduct to be observed by CPAs in this State. Other functions of the Board include registration of CPA firms; renewal of CPA certificates and CPA firm registrations; administration of the Uniform CPA Examination; administration of the continuing professional education (CPE) compliance program; disposition of administrative hearings with respect to State statutes and rules; and administration of other provisions of NCGS 93.


The Board's physical address is 1101 Oberlin Road, Suite 104, Raleigh, NC 27605-1169. The Board’s mailing address is PO Box 12827, Raleigh, NC 27605-2827. When sending correspondence or requests for information to the Board, please address the envelope to the attention of a specific section or staff member

Hours of Operation 

The Board’s switchboard is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.; the office is closed on recognized State holidays. Although the Board does not require appointments, you are encouraged to call the staff member you would like to meet with to make sure that he or she will be available to meet with you when you arrive.

Staff Directory

Main Line/Customer Service
(919) 733-4222

Fax Line
(919) 733-4209

Executive Staff



Robert N. Brooks, Executive Director


(919) 733-4222

J. Michael Barham, CPA, Deputy Director


(919) 733-4222

David R. Nance, CPA, Deputy Director


(919) 733-4236

Frank Trainor, Esq., Staff Attorney


(919) 715-9185

Administrative Services



Felecia F. Ashe, Accounting Specialist

accounts payable/receivable, vendor relations

(919) 733-4223

Vanessia Willett, Customer Service Rep

address changes, forms, general info

(919) 733-4222


newsletter, website, press releases, public record information, social media


Lisa R. Hearne, Manager


(919) 733-4208


Uniform CPA Exam Applications, score notices


Phyllis W. Elliott, Specialist


(919) 733-4224


individual CPAs, firms, CPE, peer review


Buck Winslow, Manager


(919) 733-1421

Alice Grigsby, Specialist

individual licensure applications & renewals, practice privilege

(919) 733-1422

Cammie Emery, Assistant

CPE sponsors, firm registration/renewals, firm practice privilege, peer review

(919) 733-1423

Professional Standards

complaints, disciplinary actions, unauthorized use of CPA title


Ann Hinkle, Manager


(919) 733-1426

Mary Beth Britt, Specialist


(919) 715-2455

Adrianne Trainor, Specialist


(919) 733-1424


Board Members

The Board is an independent State agency composed of seven members appointed by the Governor for three-year terms. Five of the members must be holders of valid and unrevoked North Carolina CPA certificates as issued by the Board in accordance with the NC General Statutes. The remaining two members, who cannot be CPAs, represent the interest of the public at large. The members of the Board annually elect a President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer. Board members are not paid a salary for serving on the Board but receive a per diem and are reimbursed for travel expenses associated with the performance of Board duties. 




Jose R. Rodriguez, CPA



Bucky Glover, CPA

Vice President


Maria M. Lynch, Esq.

Secretary Treasurer


Tawannah G. Allen, Ed.D



Barton W. Baldwin, CPA


Mount Olive

John M. Kledis, CPA



Michael H. Womble, CPA



Board Committees

The Board President appoints a Personnel Committee, a Professional Standards Committee, and a Professional Education & Applications Committee. Additional committees or task forces may be appointed to study various matters and report to the full Board as needed.

Executive Committee

Jose R. Rodriguez, CPA, President

Bucky Glover, CPA, Vice President

Maria M. Lynch, Esq., Secretary-Treasurer

Personnel Committee

Maria M. Lynch, Esq., Chair

Miley W. (Bucky) Glover, CPA

Jose R. Rodriguez, CPA

Professional Education and Applications Committee

Maria M. Lynch, Esq. Chair

Dr. Tawannah G. Allen

John M. Kledis, CPA

Professional Standards Committee

Barton W. Baldwin, CPA, Chair

Bucky Glover, CPA

Michael H. Womble, CPA

Audit Committee

Barton W. Baldwin, CPA, Chair

Jose R. Rodriguez, CPA

Communications Committee

Jose R. Rodriguez, CPA