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Rules: North Carolina Administrative Code 


SUBCHAPTER 8A - Departmental Rules


SUBCHAPTER 8B - Rule-making Procedures


SUBCHAPTER 8C - Contested Cases


SUBCHAPTER 8F - Requirements for Certified Public Accountant Examination and Certificate Applicants


SUBCHAPTER 8G - Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


SUBCHAPTER 8H - Reciprocity


SUBCHAPTER 8I - Revocation of Certificates and Other Disciplinary Action


SUBCHAPTER 8J - Renewals and Registrations


SUBCHAPTER 8K - Professional Corporations and Professional Limited Liability Companies


SUBCHAPTER 8M - Peer Review Program


SUBCHAPTER 8N - Professional Ethics and Conduct


Statutes: North Carolina General Statutes


CHAPTER 93 - Certified Public Accountants


CHAPTER 93B - Occupational Licensing Boards


CHAPTER 55B - Professional Corporation Act


CHAPTER 57C - North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act


CHAPTER 59 - Partnership


CHAPTER 105 - Taxation


CHAPTER 150B - Administrative Procedures Act