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The forms/applications and other documents issued by the North Carolina State Board of CPA Examiners on this website are in portable document format (PDF). This format is useful for making generally accurate renditions of forms and other graphics that are not comprised solely of text. A free software program, Adobe® Reader, will read PDF files so that they can be viewed and printed by a person accessing the Board’s website. Acrobat Reader may be obtained free from the Adobe Systems, Inc., website. Most of the Board’s forms/applications are interactive (or fillable); an interactive (fillable) form/application allows the user to type in his or her responses to the questions on the form/application and then print the completed form/application. Please note that because most of the Board’s forms/applications require a signature, you must complete the form/application, print the form/application, sign it, and then submit it to the Board The user may also print the form/application and fill it in by hand. If you have trouble viewing or printing a form/application, make sure you have a recent version of Adobe Reader® installed on your computer. You may also obtain a copy of a form/application by contacting Vanessia Willett.

Complaints Against CPAs or CPA Firms

Complaint Procedure

Rules and Statutes regarding Professional Ethics and Conduct

Complaint Form


CPE Report – Reinstatement, Reissuance, or Reciprocal Certification

CPE Rulebook

CPE Report - Amended

CPE Report for CPAs Selected for CPE Audit

CPE Sponsors

CPE Promotional Material Guidelines

Additional Courses/Schedule of Courses

CPE Sponsor Application

CPE Completion Certificate - Sample

CPE Promotional Material - Sample

CPE Rulebook


Address Change Form

Physician's Verification of Disability and ADA Accommodation

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Procedure

Professional Evaluation and Documentation of Disability

Request for ADA Accommodation

Request to Appeal the Exam

Candidate's Eligibility for ADA Accommodation Questionnaire

Request to Rescore/Review the Exam

Declaration of Intention of Citizenship

Re-Exam Application for Uniform CPA Examination

Documentation of ADA Accommodation History

Exam Rulebook

Initial Application for Uniform CPA Examination


Admission of New Owner/Partner to a CPA Firm

Individual Practitioner Registration

Affidavit of Lost/Destroyed CPA Firm Registration Certificate

Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Amending a Domestic CPA Firm Name

Merger of Professional Corporations

Amending a Foreign CPA Firm Name

Merger of Professional Limited Liability Companies

Conversion of a Business Corporation to a Professional Corporation

Notification of Intent to Practice in North Carolina (CPA firm)

Conversion of a Limited Liability Company to a Professional Limited Liability Company

Partnership Registration Package

Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Registration Package

Professional Corporation Registration Package

Foreign Professional Corporation Registration Package

Professional Limited Liability Company Registration Package 

Foreign Professional Limited Liability Company Registration Package

Registration of Additional Office(s) of a CPA Firm


150-Hour Requirement Worksheet for Certificate Applicants 

Address Change Form

Law and Ethics Course Information

Affidavit of Lost/Destroyed Individual CPA Certificate

Moral Character Certificate

Experience Affidavit

Original NC CPA Certificate Application

Experience Affidavit (Part-Time)

Original NC CPA Certificate (via IQEX) Application

Experience Affidavit (Self-Employed)

Reciprocal NC CPA Certificate Application

Experience Affidavit (Teaching)

Reinstatement to Active Status from Inactive Status Application

Extension to Complete CPE Hours

Reinstatement to Active Status from Retired Status Application

Inactive Status Application

Retired Status Application

Interstate Exchange of Examination and Licensure Information

Transfer of Grades



Address Change Form

Newsletter Subscription Form

Credit Card Authorization Slip

Proper Completion of Notarial Certificate (Example)

IRS Form W-9 (Board's Tax ID Number)

Statutes and Rules

Statute Booklet (statutes only)

Rulebook (rules only)

CPE Rulebook (CPE-related rules)

Exam Rulebook (Uniform CPA Exam-related statutes and rules)

Professional Ethics and Conduct Rules and Statutes (ethics & conduct-related rules and statutes)