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Sponsor Registration

Although the Board registers organizations that sponsor CPE courses, the Board does not approve individual courses. Sponsors sign an agreement with the Board stipulating that they will comply with the Board's rules and the sponsor determines whether the courses it offers will be conducted according to the CPE rules. Some sponsors offer courses that are designed to meet the CPE requirements as well as courses that are not intended for CPE purposes. To verify that a sponsor is registered with the Board, please review the list of registered sponsors, or call the Licensing section of the Board at (919) 733-1423. To verify that CPE credit is being offered for a course, you must contact the sponsor. The Board also recognizes sponsors listed on the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Registry. To determine in a sponsor is registered with NASBA, you may call NASBA at (615) 880-4200 or visit NASBA’s website.

The Board may review documentation furnished by a CPE sponsor on specific courses. However, this documentation review is not intended to determine if a course is acceptable for CPE purposes. Instead, the documentation review is done to determine if the sponsor understands and appears to be complying with the terms of the Sponsor Agreement.

Sponsor Quality

The Board has authorized a limited amount of auditing of course sponsors to determine if they are complying with the agreement terms. However, it is not possible to audit all sponsors to evaluate quality. Therefore, the Board encourages licensees to file written complaints against sponsors that offer substandard courses.


Course Completion Documentation

For a CPA to claim CPE credit for a course, it must meet the CPE Program Standards specified in 21 NCAC 08G .0400. If the course is offered by a registered sponsor and if the sponsor offers CPE credit for the course, then the sponsor has agreed to document compliance with the CPE Program Standards. The CPA must retain a certificate of attendance or completion to prove that the CPA attended or completed the course. Proof of course registration is not adequate. A CPA may take courses from sponsors that are not registered with the Board or NASBA. However, the CPA is responsible for documenting compliance with the CPE Program Standards, as well as maintaining evidence of course completion.

Frequently Asked CPE Questions

  • When do I report my CPE?

Licensees report CPE from the previous calendar year on the renewal form that is due by June 30. If you were recently certified, you may claim any course that was completed in the same calendar year in which the Board granted your certificate [21 NCAC 08G .0401(g)]. Please note that you may not carry over hours completed in the year before you were certified in North Carolina, even if you were licensed in another jurisdiction.

  • Are there some types of CPE for which I cannot receive credit?

CPAs cannot claim CPE credit for reading accounting journals, periodicals, or reference material and taking tests designed to assess their comprehension of what they have read. The Board determined that this method of study does not comply with the minimum requirements for CPE credit [21 NCAC 08G .0404(a)(3)] because this method of study does not utilize appropriate instructional techniques. Also, ethics courses for other professions are not acceptable.

  • Does the Board approve CPE courses?

The Board and its staff do not approve individual CPE courses [21 NCAC 08G .0401(b)],If you feel the course complies with the minimum CPE standards [21 NCAC 08G .0404], you may claim it for credit.

·         Does the Board register CPE sponsors?

Yes. The Board registers sponsors to provide CPE courses. Sponsors are organizations that have filed agreements with the Board to comply with the CPE standards when offering courses. Please note that although a course sponsor may be registered, the course itself is not approved; you must still review the CPE rules to ensure that the course complies. If the sponsor is not registered, you should save appropriate backup information in your files for at least five years.

  • Can I take all self-study courses to complete my annual CPE requirement?

Yes. The requirement that CPAs take at least eight hours of non-self-study CPE each year was repealed effective February 1, 2012.

  • Am I required to take ethics as part of the annual CPE requirement?

Yes. 21 NCAC 08G .0410 states: (a) As part of the annual CPE requirement, all active CPAs shall complete CPE on professional ethics and conduct. They shall complete either two hours in a group study format or in a self-study format of a course on regulatory or behavioral professional ethics and conduct. This CPE shall be offered by a CPE sponsor registered with the Board or with NASBA pursuant to 21 NCAC 08G .0403(a) or (b).

(b) A non-resident licensee whose primary office is in North Carolina must comply with Paragraph (a) of this Rule. All other non-resident licensees may satisfy Paragraph (a) of this Rule by completing the ethics requirements in the jurisdiction in which he or she is licensed as a CPA and works or resides. If there is no ethics CPE requirement in the jurisdiction where he or she is licensed and currently works or resides, he or she must comply with Paragraph (a) of this Rule.